Best Hotels in Bhutan

Kuzu Zangpo La! Bhutan, the last Shangrila, is undoubtedly one of the most scenic places. There’s a lot to see, but very little day time. Most of the touristy places have fixed slots or shut by 5-6pm. To ensure you don’t miss out on anything, I strongly recommend you to start exploring by 8.30 am.

Tiger’s Nest, Paro, Bhutan.

Since, you will be spending most of the evening in your hotel you would want a great location, good food and excellent service. I am listing a few good hotels that I stayed in during my holiday in November 2018. All these hotels are value for money. You don’t really need to empty your pockets for an exceptional stay.

Phuentsholing – Hotel Druk

Since we were entering Bhutan from Jaigaon (West Bengal) we needed a permit from Phuentsholing to go to Thimphu. The permit line on any given day is long. And as always, it’s preferable to reach the immigration office before it opens. Hotel Druk is undoubtedly your best option. It is situated right behind the office.

Room : 8/10 – The only let down was the WiFi.

Food : 9/10 – The restaurant here has a great buffet. The staff here is extremely warm and cater to your requests. Kewa Datshi, a traditional Bhutanese delicacy made of Potatoes and Yak Cheese, is a must try.

Location : 10/10

Service : 9/10 – Extremely cooperative and warm staff.

Thimphu – Namgay Heritage

Namgay Heritage is one of the few heritage hotels in Bhutan. They have worked really hard to maintain a perfect mix of tradition and comfort. The hotel has a heated swimming pool. But unfortunately, when we visited, it was under maintenance.

Lobby – Namgay Heritage Hotel, Thimphu

Room : 8/10 – Our room was on the 4th Floor and didn’t have a proper window. The rooms on the lower floors had a better view of the city.

Food : 7/10 – The food here was decent. The buffet was a bit overpriced. We found better restaurants around the hotel. However, I really liked their Thukpa which is a Tibetan noodle soup.

Swimming Pool at Namgay Heritage Hotel

Location : 9/10 – It is centrally located. Almost all the places on our itinerary were 20 mins away by car. There is a small market place at about 5-10 mins walking distance. A lot of restaurants with great karaoke and live performances are nearby.

Service : 8/10

Punakha – Himalayan Dragon’s Nest Hotel

Situated on the banks of the Punakha river, Dragon’s Nest boasts of stunning views of the river and the mountains behind it. I was really excited to stay here, and yes the view was worth the hype.

Room : 8/10 – The room is very basic. However, step out on the balcony and it just takes the whole room up several notches

Food : 9/10 – I loved the food here. There was a great variety. The Indian food here was particularly delicious! Buffet was decently priced.

Location : 10/10

Service : 9/10 – The staff here was so affectionate and warm. We even got complimentary desserts!

Phobjika Valley – Dewachen Hotel and Spa

Dewachen is another heritage hotel. The rooms are equipped with fire places for warmth. It is located close to the viewing point for black necked cranes.

Room : 7/10 – The room was extremely cozy! However, there weren’t enough lights. The fireplace was a great addition but we needed to get up sometimes in the middle of the night to put wood into the fireplace.

Food : 6/10 – We didn’t have a great experience with the food here. The hotel mainly caters to foreigners and so the food was naturally a little bland.

Location : 8/10

Service : 7/10 – I think their service was appropriate. However, they could improve.

Paro – Kichu Resort

We saved the best for the last! This resort was great value for money. The food was amazing, location was perfect, their staff was very warm and the rooms were super cozy!

Rooms : 8/10 – The rooms are excellent. However, they are a bit smaller than the other hotels. The room is perfect for 2 people.

Food : 10/10 – The food here was soooo good!

Location : 10/10 – The resort is situated a little out of the main city. However it is on the banks of a river. There are cottages available that face the river. The whole property is beautiful.

Service : 11/10 – We had the best hosts! I can’t even begin to tell you how great they were! Expect exceptional service! Highly recommended.

I’ve stayed at all these above hotels and none of these reviews have been sponsored. Most of these hotels costed us ₹4000 – ₹7000 per night. I hope this helps your search for a great hotel! Happy travels! Tripsy traveller signing out.

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